Monday, June 28, 2010

Lunch at Le Saint Jean (Carcassonne)

For our second day in Carcasonne, we made a reservation at this restaurant, which was recommended not only online, but also by our hostess (we didn’t stay at a hotel, but rather a chambre d’hote). Plus, it had free wi-fi. It was always crowded and busy, and it wasn’t a small place. There was both outdoor and indoor (covered) seating. The décor was contemporary, and the atmosphere casual. No one said anything when I whipped out my laptop while waiting for our dishes to arrive.

I don’t remember this meal too clearly (perhaps because I was distracted by my internet usage), so I will just give you the pictures and the notes that I took. My apologies for this lack of a real review. We order four plats (main courses), all of which came with cheesy potato gratin (except for the fish, which had a rice salad, if that’s what you can call it), and two desserts.

Lastly, I’m not giving you a website, because the website is terrible. Also there is a very long intro that takes forever to get past, and it annoyed me.

Tournedos de canard aux fruits rouges (19€) – almost a 9 out of 10, loved the acidity of the berries with the duck

Magret de canard aux nectarines (17€) – I liked the nectarines with the duck, but what was really good was the mushrooms, or cepes. 8 out of 10

Filet de poisson aux légumes (merlan) (19€) – Merlin with vegetables… and yes it came looking like that. We laughed that perhaps our waiter had gotten a little hungry on the way over to serve us? Average.

Souris d’agneau confite (18€) was very good. Excellent cooking. 9 out of 10

Pavé au chocolat (7€) – average, tasted like a moist brownie with crème anglais and chantilly

Île Flottante (7€) - average

Le Saint-Jean
1 Place Saint Jean
La Cité
11000 Carcassonne, France
Tel: 04 68 47 42 43

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