Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas from your Foodie Neighbor

We decided to be wild this year for Christmas and switch up our regular menu in the D. household.  Instead of our traditional rosemary Cornish game hen, my parents made ribs (pictured up front).  They made them with their usual loving method, which has forever ruined me for anyone else's ribs; the meat is marinated with fish sauce (nuoc mam), broiled for a nice caramelized and charred outer layer, then pressured cooked to achieve the perfect fall-off-the-bone texture, then baked once more with a marinade of apricot sauce and ginger.  Heavenly.
We also had cornbread with sausage and apples, cauliflower with lemon dressing, and Brussels sprouts with browned butter sauce and bacon.
This food is love.

Merry Christmas, readers!