Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Microwave Lesson (In Lieu of a Recipe)

I haven't had any new recipes to offer you lately because life has been so hectic I haven't been doing much cooking. I've been on a pasta and pesto diet for many of the past few days--not homemade, gasp!--and today, for lack of time, I actually microwaved an egg instead of taking out a pan and cooking it properly.

I know there are probably a million chefs just rolling over in their graves because of what I just wrote, but hey, I never called myself a gourmet. I like food, and I like good tasting, good quality food, but I'm a busy person and I don't always have the time to carefully plan out a well-cooked meal.

Now I'm not advocating the use of a microwave to cook eggs--I still like the traditional stove method best--but I can tell you that if you've got a nice egg and an empty belly and not enough time to deal with pots, pans, spatulas, dish washing, etc., you can still have your egg (and eat it too).

What does this require? Well generally it requires a soup, stew, or pasta with accompanying sauce. I've done it with all of the above and gotten great results, with cooked whites and a slightly runny yolk... yum.

Here's how to do it:
Heat your food in a container (tupperware, bowl, etc) till warm. On my microwave, I'll heat a bowl of pasta and pesto for about 1 min. Then crack your egg into your food. If it's a stew/pasta, cover the egg a bit with some of the sauce/liquid. Heat for 15-20 second. Take out of the microwave and mix gently (don't break the yolk!). Heat for another 15-20 seconds. Mix. Heat for 15-20 more seconds. Your whites should be set and your egg yolk should be cooked, but slightly runny. Eat and enjoy!

See? You can get a beautiful egg from the microwave.

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