Monday, September 27, 2010

Medicine & Food

There was recently an article in the New York Times entitled "Doctor's Orders: Eat Well to Be Well," which I spoke to me as a foodie and also as someone going into the medical field.

I haven't previously mentioned much about myself other than my passion for food, because people often find my career choice an eyebrow-raiser, if not just plain odd, given how much I care about cooking and being in the kitchen.

My passion for food, my constant food-related comments, and this blog often have many of my friends jokingly telling me that I'm going into the wrong field. But the truth is, I don't see my two interests as being all that different, and finally I can see that this viewpoint is shared by others.

Food is an important part of our health and a major part of our lives. The people who take care of us--and that includes our doctors--should care about what it is that we eat. They should be examples of how to eat, what to eat. The places that we go in order to feel better--hospitals, doctor's offices--should not only encourage healthier eating, but they should provide it. The words "hospital food" shouldn't bring to mind questionable jello and pudding, they should bring to mind fresh fruit, whole grains, green leafy vegetables. You shouldn't come back from a physical with a lollipop in your hand; how about some granola or dried fruit?

My passion for medicine is equal to my passion for food. I may go straight to the kitchen after a rough day so that I can cook and destress, but I think this makes me a better doctor than the one who comes homes to read a few science articles while eating a cheeseburger and fries. If I tell someone that they should eat more fruit and avoid milk with rBHG, you can believe that I am listening to my own advice. I take care of myself, and that enables me to better take care of others.

Food is love, food is care, and food is health.

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