Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At-Home Treats from Blue Duck Tavern

I mentioned in my review of The Blue Duck Tavern that we were given a small tin of sugar cookies to take home. We opened this sweet gift a few hours after we got home and had recovered from our food comas.

The sugar cookies were vanilla-scented, soft, buttery, and delicate. They melted in the mouth sweetly, and had a beautiful, lingering aftertaste. A very nice gift.

We also had brought home in doggies bags two of the roasted confit of duck legs, which we also snacked on later. Out of laziness, we discovered that the duck actually tastes better cold. The chill seemed to make the bitterness I have complained of earlier completely disappear and the flavor of the meat mellowed out in a way that worked nicely with the texture of the meat.

The warm blackberry & nectarine crumble (scoop of crème fraîche included) was also delicious cold, even though it looked unappetizing. I actually started laughing once I opened the take-home box and saw how it had been packaged. How homely. Yet flavorful.

My thanks to the man who invented doggie bags and spurred the movement that made it socially acceptable to take home unfinished food from restaurants.

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