Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Thanksgiving Spread

I've truly been slacking on posting lately, but this was the Thanksgiving spread this year at the D. family house.  It was just the four of us -- my sweet B. did not join us this year because our long distance relationship means we need to spread out our visits evenly, and I was only just in Paris in September and I will be returning for Christmas -- but as usual, my mother, my sister, and I worked all day in the kitchen to make a delicious spread.

There was maple link sausage, chestnut, mushroom, onion, sage, and thyme stuffing, which was every bit was delicious as it sounds.  There was also garlic soup, thickened with parmigiano reggiano and served with fresh croutons.  We repeated the kale chips recipe from last year, and we added Molly Wizenberg's recipe for custard-filled corn bread to our list of favorites.  As always, the star of the meal was my mother's rosemary Cornish game hens, stuffed with a mixture of sticky rice, corn, water chestnuts, lap xuong (Chinese sausage), and caramelized onions.  We drank Moscato d'Asti, a very light sparkling white wine, and for dessert, I made a dark chocolate, caramel, and coffee tart with a sable crust.  

After that Thanksgiving meal there was a family movie, Black Friday shopping, and a lovely dinner at Restaurant Eve to celebrate my dad's belated birthday.  More pictures, recipes, and a review to follow.

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