Thursday, February 17, 2011

Black Truffle Sea Salt

I have an unhealthy obsession.  It's not with chocolate or carbs or ice cream or anything relatively normal.  I have an obsession with Black Truffle Sea Salt.  It has an intoxicatingly addictive scent.  It is mineral-esque, dark, earthy, and complex.  And it melts on the tongue for a full, round taste that can't be compared to anything else.  All I can tell you is that since I started writing this, I have three times stolen a taste from my jar.

I've enjoyed it sprinkled generously on some beautiful medium-rare steak, over a lightly poached egg, and with some roasted baby potatoes.  I imagine you could steam some broccoli and enjoy it over that.  Or cauliflower.  Or spinach.  Maybe even asparagus.  Or chicken.  The possibilities are endless.

If this delicious sea salt was the only thing that came of my New York City trip, I may even dare to say that the [rather expensive] trip would have been worth it.  Yes.  It is that good.

I promise I shall post a real recipe soon, I just thought I would let you know what it is I am spending my time doing when I am not here posting recipes:  I am stealing tastes of Black Truffle Sea Salt from my little glass jar.

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