Sunday, January 16, 2011

Georgetown Cupcake

I have eaten at Georgetown Cupcake many times. It's a small cupcake shop in Georgetown, run by a pair of sisters who then went on to open a shop in Bethesda (also called Georgetown Cupcake). They have aired on TLC and their shop has been visited by many celebrities.

Every day Georgetown Cupcake does this special thing for patrons who subscribe to their Facebook newsfeed or follow their Twitter. In the morning, they post a special flavor, and if customers come in and ask for the cupcake by name, they can get it for free. Georgetown Cupcake only bakes 100 of these special cupcakes, so you have to come in relatively early. It's a fun way for them to drum up business and a way for them to try out new flavors, some of which go on to become part of their rotating monthly flavors.

Earlier this week, I went with my friend. We got to Georgetown a little late, around 1pm (they open at 10am), but we decided to stop by Georgetown Cupcake anyhow to see if there were anymore free cupcakes left. We went in and asked for the peanut butter fudge (which was the special free flavor of the day) and they gave us our free cupcakes. We also decided to buy a chocolate salted caramel cupcake and a strawberry champagne cupcake.

We ate the peanut butter fudge cupcake there. It was surprisingly delicious. The cupcake itself was Valrhona chocolate with a fudge core. The peanut butter frosting was intensely flavored, and topped with a drizzle of fudge. The entire thing was moist, fragrant, and, to our delight, not too sweet. Even my mother, who does not like cupcakes, frosting, or Georgetown Cupcake in general, was impressed.

We waited to try the strawberry champagne cupcake and the salted caramel cupcake when we got home.

The strawberry champagne cupcake was a play on their classic Madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake, baked with fresh strawberries and champagne. There was a chocolate ganache core, and then the whole thing was topped with a champagne-infused buttercream frosting and a drizzle of chocolate ganache. Honestly, I couldn't taste the champagne in this at all. The strawberry flavor was also very light, and barely present. I was disappointed by this cupcake, and I did find it to be a little too sweet.

The salted caramel cupcake was a play on their Valrhona chocolate cupcake, which had a caramel core, and was topped with salted caramel-infused buttercream frosting and a drizzle of caramel. The bakery could have been more generous with their salt. I couldn't really taste it. I, again, found this cupcake to be a little too tame and a little too sweet. I was disappointed. I have had it before, and found it to be better last time. Oh well.

At $2.75 a cupcake, Georgetown Cupcake is not a cheap place to get dessert, but it is a cute place to stop, and if you're there early enough and can get their free flavor of the day (check Facebook or Twitter), it's a great deal.

Georgetown Cupcake
3301 M Street NW (corner of 33rd & M)
Washington, DC 20007
Tel. 202-333-8448

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